The RHA® Collection


RHA® is the latest innovation in HA technology, and is the first new filler technology developed since 2008. It is the first and only resilient hyaluronic acid filler designed for facial dynamics, and is formulated to be more like natural HA found in the skin. 

RHA® changes the game with gel designed for dynamic wrinkles and natural expressions. Introduced in Europe in 2015, RHA® has been widely used because of its superior results with diminishing or eliminating dynamic wrinkles and folds.  In 2020 RHA® became available in the U.S. to only a select group of practices.

The RHA® Collection’s unique combination of increased stretch and dynamic strength allows the gel to extend and adapt to dynamic facial movement, and maintain is physical characteristics over a wide range of stress. The result is a natural look both at rest and in motion. As your face moves, it moves with it!

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